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Li Xiang

Origin: Yueyang in Hunan
Constellation: Aquarius
Blood type: B -
Personality: outgoing
Education: Beijing Broadcasting Institute
Advantages: Xiaru demeanor
Disadvantages: too easy to believe that others
Hobbies: singing, swimming
Favorite writers: Wang Anyi, Ximurong
Like most of the season: Autumn
Favorite sport: tennis, badminton
Most like to eat things: Eggplant
Favorite fruit: Litchi
Collection of the most favorite items: music, decorations, and Bao
Favorite flower: lily, jasmine
Most people worship: father
The happiest things: the auspices of the "Happy Camp"
The most embarrassing thing: the toilet in an interview
The most annoying: the people behind the scenes to make irresponsible remarks

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