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Name:Chen Hao
Origin: Qingdao, Shandong
Sex: Female
Place of Birth: Shanghai
Height: 166
Weight: 50 kg
Location: Qingdao, Shandong
Blood type: O -
Constellation: striker Block
Secondary School: 39 in Qingdao
Education: Central Academy of Drama performance of the 97 undergraduate
Birthday: December 9, 1979
Occupation: actors, singers
Performing Arts brokers: (current)
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Award-winning status
2004 most popular actress Golden Eagle Festival
2005 Top Ten pairs
2005 most users welcomed the four Huadan Award
2005 Southeast world's best music list - the most promising female singer
2005 2005 a new era of China Festival habits forces female artists
2006 12th Global Chinese Music Awards Bangzhongbang most popular newcomers
2006 2005 'Sprite' China Original Music Charts, "" outstanding new "Award
2006 2005 MusicRadio top performing new China TOP
2006-Hit third annual total outstanding young singers election Award, the most promising new female Award
2006 9 +2 Music Pioneer Award list the most popular newcomers, the Mainland singers perform annual awards
2006 Beijing pop music at the annual Rookie
2007 BQ most popular female star
2007 2007 Chinese opera actress annual habit
50 most beautiful people in 2007
2007-teng Xun the most popular trend of 2007 Stars ceremony actress

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